Happening now

Collected Process, up now at The Kube, in Gibsons BC, through February 27th. See below for install images.

Collected Process examines elements of Katherine’s artistic practice, which includes the

collection and documentation of natural objects that inspire her, as well as the collection and

reworking of process materials and scraps in order to create something new. The work on

panels were all created in January of 2019 as Katherine experimented with a new process of

collage and mounting. Each element was taken from a previous work or paint palette, carrying

with it the memory of the previous piece or series.

While her work is constantly shifting as she responds to her materials and environment, there is

always an attachment to nature and place that began with childhood collections of objects

found outside and the fantastical worlds they inspired in her imagination. Memories of

intangibles like mood, atmosphere, and weather get collected along with the objects. Each item

is always connected to the place in which it was found; the memory of how and when and why

it ended up in Katherine’s hand, embedded in its weight and remembered each time it was


Her environment plays an integral role in what she notices, documents, collects and then

abstracts in her work. Since moving from New York City to Vancouver in late 2017 her ability to

regularly interact with both forest and coastal environments has redirected her interests and

work a great deal. This exhibition reflects this major change of scenery, a desire to repurpose

and use materials in a new way, and am embrace of new trajectories.