I am a process based artist interested in seeing what happens. While my practice is widely varied, all of my pieces are explorations of how my materials will behave when I try something new. I do not often have an outcome in mind in the beginning of the process but circle back to the same themes and ideas over and over again. Whether painting, drawing, or in my photography, I seek a balance between controlling my media and letting go, allowing it to surprise me.

I pay attention to the surfaces around me, decay and rust and polish, spots on the sidewalk, peeling layers, all eluding to the passage of time, natural processes, accidents, and the inadvertant traces people leave behind. I try to recreate some of it in the studio. My work is mostly water, but like your body it can possess solidity and weight and its appearance belies its makeup. I like using fluid inks and paints on Yupo, a slick plastic surface, because nothing gets absorbed and it's difficult to control and it helps me practice letting go. The water evaporates but leaves traces of its impact, making it an invisible force and catalyst within the workI often leave the opaque white background unpainted because I am interested in freeing my forms from any surrounding context and spatial concerns, abstracting them and forcing attention to and examination of the surface. I want scale to be in question, causing the viewer to be unsure if they are looking at a macro or micro view. Surface quality, texture, reaction to light, and value shifts are integral to the work as is the process of mixing different inks and paints and watching them react. The results appear textural, dimensional, layered, but are mostly smooth and flat, vulnerable on the surface. My forms are definitely things to me and I am interested in bringing familiarity to the unfamiliar and strange while animating the inanimate and abstract. 

In my photography I am drawn to repetition of forms, geometric and organic shapes and lines, and surfaces that draw me in for a closer look. I pay close attention to sidewalks and walls and seek the traces of humanity and contact left behind in my urban environments. I capture decay, rust, stains, layers revealed or added, and other evidence of the passage of time. I do not often include the human subject but feel much of my work is related to isolation and disconnection in a visually full and an overstimulating world.